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Sanele Ncayiyana

Who Am I ?

Sanele graduated in record time with an internationally recognised Bachelors degree in Brand Building and Management at Vega School of Brand Leadership, has background in marketing in the petrochemical industry and carries 4 years management experience in the brand activation industry.

She is a certified Competent Communicator and was placed 2nd in KwaZulu Natal for the Toastmasters International Speaking Competition.


In the multicultural environment that businesses operate in globally and more importantly in South Africa, Cultural Intelligence has become increasingly important to help with interpersonal connections within teams in the business, moreover according to Forbes Culturally Intelligent executives and employees, can integrate diverse resources and help the business make best use of multiple perspectives, aiding in the bottomline in a multicultural economy.

Sanele teaches cultural intelligence teaching the three pillars of C.I (Emotional, Cognitive and Action Dimension)  through local storytelling with some home truths and humour from her years experience in corporate and owning her own businesses.


Having had financial challenges whilst pursuing her degree, whilst it could have been the most viable option to drop out, as it is for most young people especially born and bred in the township to have. Sanele forged another option, which was starting multiple businesses to raise funds for her fees, some failing others succeeding; that came with its challenges, mentally, emotionally and physically. However these experience taught her the power of resilience, in an unrelenting environment and Power of Perspective, to realise that she would not be a business woman and speaker today if it were not for that experience. She has since run talks and workshops for to empower young women through the learnings she had through her journey, with the aim of raising another young woman who will realise her Power and Push through the odds, and hopefully one day, pay it forward, by teaching others her lessons in her journey, to create a new generation of women who own their space and power more than our foremothers.




“Amazing, learning through a story, it made me think of my unconscious biases and how to change them”


-Bruce Page


“Wish I could hear Sanele Speak again, it was enlightening, informative and humorous”


-Tyron Smith (Cyber Support Director)